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Now many of you may not agree with me, but the first thing by way of an alcoholic beverage I consumed was Vodka (aside from my father's friend thinking it was amusing to give me a shot of tequila when I was 2, which I promptly vomited back up). As a matter of fact, the first Vodka I ever had went by the name of Mr. Boston's Vodka, which had a black label and was 50% alcohol, and it came in a 750 ml glass bottle. Since then, many drinking experiences past, I have discovered a new type of vodka, one that, should your goal be getting drunk, will most assuredly annihilate you into a state of inhebriation you have only guessed could exhist. It is Devil Springs Vodka, which I have learned my limit is 1 half of a liter, and this is 160 proof vodka. Not quite moonshine, but as close as you will legally come under New York state law. And since it only costs an average of $17 per liter, it definately will give you more bang for your buck than anything else I've seen on the shelves of liquor stores. As for the little warning on the back of the bottle, which states "Mix with your favourite juice, water, or other beverage. Do not drink at full proof." My friends and I saw the warning when we got our first bottle ever...and promptly slammed about a quarter of the bottle straight between three of us. The warning is for the inexperienced drinker, not for us foolhardy, bent-on-self-destruction hardcore party people. So, if I could make a recommendation, I would like all of you to try some of this extremely excellent vodka, but remember two small things...You really should mix it, my friends and I are very foolish, and it burns when you drink it straight. A lot. In fact, I would get a small sample-sized bottle, maybe one of the little flask-shaped 375 ml bottles, before I plunged into a liter, if I were in a position of having never tried it before. If you take me up on my advice, good luck, and be careful.

Devil Springs

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Beer Elf

smiley - biggrin Hya Fellow Sparky!!

Interesting post! Can you get thos jug shaped water filters out there? They're sold here in the UK as Brita Filters, but you can get other brands. Now then what you do is asseble the filter/cartridge arrangement as per the instuctions.. Then you would use the contraption to filter your budget vodka.

A couple of friends have tried this on a 75cl bottle they got for £6 to great effect, it got rid of the burning sensation, and the hangover too! smiley - cheers

It works because there's charcoal in the filter cartridge, which can help remove some of the nasties that cause the problems!!
Let us know how you get on!!


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