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Sang Thip

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Sang Thip,now known as Sang Som (& Mekhong) in my experience is also drunk with Soda with the emphasis on the soda.The Thais drink it with so much soda that my stepfather coined the phrase "holistic alchohol".This works though as you have to do some serious amounts of whiskey soda to get f****d up,but beware the midday sun as it will dehydrate you extremely quickly in this state.Top tip is to drink at least a litre of water as soon as you wake up.Best tip of all is don't drink the Mekhong,it's more a rum than a whiskey but something got lost in the recipe list!!!
If you really want some fun try this for size:-
Take one ice bucket.1 half bottle of Sang Som.1 bottle of white shark,red bull or whatever amphetamine based drink the Thais have behind the bar,1 bottle of coke,a load of ice,2 straws (1 for you 1 for your drinking buddy/girlfriend/whatever),mix well & then try dancing when you've finished it(max drinking time 10 minutes only!!).Now that's entertainment.

Sang Thip

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Sultandude(Lover of Princess Toy of the 1000 Kisses)-Keeper of Go-Go Bars-aka Kabuki Man

"Used to sit downstairs in the Marine bar (Chicken Farm) in South Pattaya suckin' on Mehkong and Lipo till the sun came up. Now I stick to Heineken and a few natural herbs."smiley - cool

Sang Thip

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Researcher 219680

Sang Thip- ahhh the infamous drink of choice. Mix with Red Bull, one can of Cola. Next, wake up on the beach, slightly bewildered, lacking the cash in your pockets, the camera around your neck, and the shoes on your feet. But man, wasn't it a party...? I think...

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