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Tom the Pomm

In hind sight there is little wonder that the Germans got so far in Europe and kicked the butts of the Tommies out of it.

The U.K. Polititions of the day totally ignored the years of rantings of Hitler and his build up of modern weapons.

Hitler was a failure at everything he touched and WW2 proved that point.

He only got where he was by guile and pitting one man against another.

A typical senario of the the bully boy everywhere.

Even the animal kingdom uses that old ruse of "Pick on another person" and the lynch mob moves in and strings him up while the istigator stands back and preens how clever he is at getting the local morons to do all his dirty work.

This is shewn in todays history if one reads how Hitler deposed and had those killed who opposed him.

Most gobby big heads get what they want by deciet and by enlisting those with any power to back him up.

The mire hit the fan when the German Banks backed up Hitler, and it speaks volumes for the fact that they too did not want to miss out on the pay out when Adolf would finally become Master of the World.

At the first sign of dessent any person who did not agree with what Adolf said got the chop and was strung up or shot.

Hitler enjoyed pitting one General against another and blamed the snobby moneyed class of people in Germany for his own short commings.

Hitler had the age old problem of being the under dog and when he rose to power due to the money his book made and the use of oratory
and using other people in power to get what he wanted he finally turned on them and WW2 arrived.

The Germans and the Japanese who admired and advertised their the honour system so much showed their true colours in WW2.

Many unarmed P.O.W. were murdered by the so called Honourable soldiers of the Rising Sun and the German louts.

The myth of Honour was dispelled when many Japanese soldiers surrendered when their war began to unravel.

So too the once mighty Hitler who had pictures of the German soldier entering Vallhalla.

And his end was a bullet to the head whilst hiding in an under ground cellar, and he could not even do that without having someone to hold his hand while old men and children were facing the Russians.

Hitler had decreed that anyone deserting his post would be shot.
Tis indeed ironic that he suffered the same disgusting fate by his own hand, but it was not honour that was at stake here but fear of
what reprisels the Russians would visit on his body.

The common phrase of many malcontents of the day regarding Hitler was,

Hitler hez ony wun nut,
an' e' don't know weer tuther got put.
But Hilda Brahn, when she lights up in tahn,
will cover it wiv a fall o' soot.

Hitler's gun looks like a bent narna,
probably it got stomped at the local Gymkana.
But on Hitler's last ride, wiv Brahn by his side,
it will resemble a dried up and wizened sultana.

Britain stood alone against Hitler for two years, and it was only a matter of time before he would and could have entered Britain.

America got a wake up call when they realised that with the British Isles in German hands and the Japanese getting very restless
they could be courting disaster.

And indeed the Japanese who bow and scrape now threw off the cloak of chivalry with a "G'Day mate, wot's cookin'? and showed their true colors.

What was Chamberlain thinking of when he went to Germany at the request of Hitler to sign a document that meant tnothing.

Chamberlain should have requested Hitler to cut it into squares and hang it in his dunny.

Ah well, when owd Satan hez finished chasin' Hitler down below, Ah will take over an' ram one of those Jumpin' Jack fire cracker's up weer the sun don't shine. Cheers.T

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Personal Opinions WW2

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