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I don't think Aeneas was a god

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Wasn't he just a Trojan prince? Admittedly he was the son of a goddess - Venus - but I don't think that automatically makes him a god.

No, I think the term is 'hero'.

Although I think it is fair to say that at the end of his life, Aeneas was deified at the request of his mother, Venus, and became the god Indiges.

But that only really re-inforces the point that he *wasn't* a god before.

Anyway, very interesting entry on pomegranates, thankyou. smiley - ok

Just didn't quite agree on the Aeneas/god thing. smiley - smiley


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I believe that the letter of the law was that your father had to be a god for it to be passed on to you, ergo Aeneas wasn't a god, just a hero. But it's not a big deal, and I think he did have worshipers among the Romans.

At any rate, he spawned Julius Caesar. That qualifies him for godhead as far as I'm concerned.

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I don't think Aeneas was a god

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