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"phat" and "props"

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MessyJessie--defying description daily

You got "phat" wrong, just wanted you to know. It stands for "pretty hot and tempting." You know...P, H, A, T.

I have never, ever heard it refered to as pretty fine and tasty. Whoever told you that was smokin' crack.

"Smokin' Crack" --describes someone who is out of their mind, as if they were high on crack. Other variations that imply the same thing are:

"high" "on something" "tripping" "wasted"

you can also say someone is a "crack-smoker," which means they are crazy or out of their minds.

"props" as in "I gotta give that guy props." It is short for "proper respect" and is used to give credit where credit is due, even if you don't like the person or their choices.

"B.F.E." stands for "butt f***ing Egypt" and refers to a far away place, as in, "I parked in all the way in BFE"


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