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I lived in Western MO (Kansas City) for several years, I've never heard "yunz" used. However being from Pittsburgh, PA "yunz" was common and used by almost everyone. It can be used in the singular or plural. When used in a question it it commonly used in combination with "an at" (and that), such as: 'Yunz going downtown (pronounced:dahn tahn) an at?"


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Yunz is Western Pennsylvania slang for everybody and in New York/New Jersey, youse guys is used and y'all is generally used in the South (south of Richmond, VA and north of Orlando, Florida). In the Deep South, y'all is a 3-syllable word. smiley - biggrin


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Just to let you all know, that I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and moved here when I was 15. I can say for a fact that Yunz is used there by pretty much everyone. Also "POP" is what we called a carbonated beverage (soda).
Also, when I was living there, no other city uses Yunz. New York doesn't, neither does Ohio. But other cities, like Chicogo also uses POP, instead of soda.smiley - smiley

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