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French campsite toilets

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Researcher 173634

What about those French communal toilets you get in campsites.

Always the embarressing situation whereby you have to angle yourself again the urinoir (French for urinal) so as to give minimal display.

This adds another akward factor, those on the outersides of the urinal line are angled in and facing more towards the chap next door.

This contravenes certain male rules such as the polite eyes forwards motion. Holding ones manhood at the adjusted visual angle can lead to penis directional pointing towards the chap next door. A very akward situation.

Probably best to head for the cubicals. Oh yes....thats another discussion, the French hole in the ground/wash your boots - toilet.


French campsite toilets

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Kerr_Avon - hunting stray apostrophes and gutting poorly parsed sentences

. The hole in the floor, with the slippy plastic foot stands, leading to a high danger of slipping into the hole. The fact that previous occupants have clearly missed the hole, and not just with pee. The overriding stench, the dangers of trying to hover and grab paper out your pocket (none in the loo, obviously). The general air that says "sod it, lead me to the nearest bush".

smiley - ale

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