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I can't use two scripts or more at the same time. Each has:

<body onload="bla bla

And works those of them who has its topmost


What to do. I know they can work together but...

I tried to make one combining all fintions like this:

<body onload="bla bla; bum bum; and so on usin ;;;;"

But all screwed up..

What to dooo


No Java, but JavaScript

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Hi Kanji,

think you don't know what you are talking about ...
This is NOT Java! It's JavaScript I think ... Maybe you should subscribe a NewsGroup like comp.lang.javascript ... they can help you!

Java & JavaScript are very different things. As Java-Files (*.java) usually are translated by a compiler (javac) into Java-BYTECODE (*.class), JavaScript is embedded or even linked as a JavaScript-File (*.js) into HTML-Pages. Both need a Virtual Machine installed on your System, most common browsers provide VM's in their installation packages.

cya, ma|kii

No Java, but JavaScript

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try going to htmlgoodies [URL removed by moderator] - just to fool the people who go round removing URLs.

I think the problem may be imbedded quote marks. For example, if you use <Body onLoad="somefunction('variable')" ... you must use SINGLE quote marks inside the double ones, or else it thinks it is the end of the onLoad bit. This can be trickey if you are trying to get more than one level of imbedding because you run out of quote marks...

Oh, well.


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