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John F.

Might be that JAVA is a good way to write simple structured programs. But there is a big disadvantage in the concept. To load down elements from remote to local needs time (and money). The user gets nothing from a JAVA based application then time for coffe-breaks. Since the introduction of JAVA the download times of lots of sites have slowed down drastically. And it isn't true that using JAVA produces less errors. Good programming depends mostly on the brain and not so much on the capabilities of the language.


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To download programs is just one of the possibilities this language offers. It is also used to write server side programs (Servlets) and to write desktop applications. JAVA is very usefull for write complex programs as a result of it's strict structure. And yes, there are errors that can be made in most programming languages and not in JAVA, but I fully agree that good programming depends on brains...


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Researcher 188804

Yeah, the main reason why the Java programming language is special is that it is a platform-independent, 100% object-oriented language. It also saves you from manually program memory directly like in C or C++, thereby, providing you with packages (or libraries) to do this area as well as offering lots of code that you, as a programmer, do not need to "re-invent the wheel", therefore, less likely to have errors in the code than re-inventing it. Following strict programming practices are encouraged, and they are usually emphasised in some organisations so that someone else would be able to read your code as if you're writing code that is readable by another equivalent programmer carrying out maintenance tasks as well as providing lots of commenting in the code too.

E-commerce technologies can be implemented in Java such as J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition), JSP (Java Server Page), EJBs (Enterprise Java Beans) and Servlets.

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