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OH NO! I missed the TRIVA part!!!

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RE: Peter Sellers persuades Keenan Wynn to shoot open a Coca-Cola dispenser in a scene from the Stanley Kubrick film Dr Strangelove - 1964.

When the entry was first being Peer Reviewed, I was happy to provide some minor insights and facts; but I missed that a trivia portion was forming and missed the opportunity to add this:

In the 1968 movie 'Head', starring The Monkees, Mickey Dolenz commandeers a World War II tank (from a Tank Commander - character actor Vito Scotti), and uses it to blow up a recalcitrant Coca Cola machine.

The background was that the Monkees had 'issues' with Colgems Records which was owned by Coca Cola at the time.

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OH NO! I missed the TRIVA part!!!

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