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Now it's in London

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Al Johnston

I saw it at the weekend - a great experience: excellent show smiley - biggrin

Shame about the bits left out - Castle Anthrax and its denizens/Grail-shaped beacon was another - but the new bits more than made up for it, and the revised ending was a lot more coherent and satisfying.

Only Tim Curry of the original cast made it across the Atlantic, but the rest handled their multiple roles impressively.

I was sorely tempted to shout "No thanks! I already got one!" at the young lady hawking the Spam Sandwiches though....

Now it's in London

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I was about to leave you a message to ask when you were going smiley - smiley

There was a South Bank Show special last night - I found the Monty Python crowd a bit weird (even more weird than usual) - couldn't work out why they were lapsing into American accents!

I still think the absolute best bit of either this or the Holy Grail is the Knights and coconuts - cracks me up every time. You have to have a certain kind of brain to think that up smiley - smiley

The merchandise was selling like hot cakes across the pond - including tins of spam lol

How are you anyway?


Now it's in London

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Al Johnston

Pretty good smiley - winkeye

They did the coconut thing in the show too, with occasional "big jumps" over strategic bits of scenery.

There was some quite interesting merchandise on offer:

Tins of Spam
Tins of Spam "Now with Smelly French Garlic"
Squishy cows
A cow catapult set with free wooden rabbit
Fierce rabbits
Black knight with velcro detachable limbs

and perhaps best of all

Coconut shells, helpfully labelled "Left" & "Right" so DIY horse riders don't get muddled up

smiley - smiley

Now it's in London

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They had those in NY also. Please tell me you didn't buy anything!

I'm off to the West Mids on Friday. Hoping to see The History Boys on Friday evening (the film) and off to Symphony Hall on Saturday for a Gala Concert.

I hope you've noticed, I'm not asking about your love life smiley - smiley

Now it's in London

Post 5

Al Johnston

Just a t-shirt smiley - winkeye

So clamming up finally worked then? smiley - biggrin

Now it's in London

Post 6


Not sure how to take that - sorry if I've offended in the past.

I'll know you if I see you in Newcastle then smiley - smiley

Now it's in London

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Al Johnston

No worries smiley - winkeye

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