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Murphy's 1st Law: anything that can go wrong, will go wrong
Murphy's 2nd Law: if multiple things can go wrong, they will in the way that will caus most damage
Murphy's 3rd Law: if something does go wrong, it will so at the most inapropreate and embarising moment
Murphy's 4th Law: if something seems easy, your doing it wrong, or it will go wrong at the worst moment
Murphy's 5th Law: anything that involves humans will be flawed
Murphy's 6th Law: anything that involves things invented by humans will be worse than if it were just humans involved

feel free to devise more as required, that is if this post works, someone at (i believe it was) cambridge university, came up with the formula for Murphy's Law, unfortunatly every time (s)he wrote it down, the paper (s)he wrote it on was lost

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