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A bit too far...

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melee_bowser (back in action)

If anything can go wrong, will go wrong, then the world would be in complete chaos. Of course this wouldn't happen because we would all be dead.smiley - ok

A bit too far...

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The world is in complete chaos. It's all a matter of perspective.

A bit too far...

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James Anderson

But the wrong thing for one person may be the right thing for another... But Murphy's Law doesn't make sense there.
For example:
An intersection near apartment, far away from any major streets and barely ever driven by, always stops me, and takes forever to change to green- but it does this IN BOTH DIRECTIONS, EVERY TIME. A few of my friends at my apartment have noticed this to. But why is it that no one is driving through the intersection while it is green for an extremely long time, in the direction no one is coming from?

Actually, I'm not sure how much that's relevant, but oh well.

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