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i am your host, alexofthatilk, and i shall guide you on this jorney through the depths of my mind, if you come out sane, well done

who am i?

a military tactition who generaly plots galactic domination (as soon as i can buy a warp drive), also operates as an assasin and arms dealer for the romulans. operates under the names of al'xo fth'tilk and en'der, oficial member of humanity, though i do need a card to prove it. have been acused of Vampirism and black magic, but those who did disapeard, or were found draind of blood. i see faries, must be the tranqualiser they just put in my arm. I am the lord of destruction, the god of death, i rule this reality and destroy it as i choose, i am your god, bow down befor me mear mortals, grovle and despair, i will........*tranqualiser kicks in* aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh
we apologise for theese rantings, the subject may have some seblance of normality now, again our apologies

who am i realy?

well, phylosophical questions and mad rants aside, this sorta ought to describe me
i am a slightly strange person, i tend towards the extreem in geekyness (68.657344% on the geek test, i.e. geek god)(, i also have a low opinion of typical morals, but do have a honor code, which i stick to like glue.
I have a low opinion of humans, though believe that they will eventualy be worthy to lick the dolpins boots.
I am a royalist.
I love to talk, debate, listen, theorise, phylosophise, think on theology, think on physics, think on reality, think, drink tea, play wargames/roleplaying games/computer games, read, and of corse think.
i have troble spelling, but that never seems to be a problem on forums
i have a very low self esteem, and untill recently could not see any merit in my self, but now i believe i have some measure of perpous, even if it pestering other people or cheering them up (i seem to be the flat conciler).
i love to study people, and after a suficient time can usualy tell a fair bit about them, those i can't, well they are special to me (note i need to be talking to them for this to aply). i wouldn't know what someones opinion of me was even if they told me, but due to a long tiem of being an observer of humanity, i can tell there feelings towards others, again usualy.
so what do i do? well curently i'm a student at lancster university, a wonderful place full of cool people, good friends, and good feelings, and am also a volenteer projectionist at the university cinema, also a member of the local physics sociaty.
oh and i have a sense of humor, warped, but its there and it tends to have a mind of it's own
i am in seine but they will fish me out eventualy
i believe that eveyone should have that little bit of insanity, it makes them less boring heheh

An apeal for sanity from my boss, the reverend Arther Beling

There are some people, who, through no fault of there own, are sane.
Some were born sane
some became sane in there later lives
it is up to us
those who are out of our tiny little minds
to cure them of this
you can start with ping-pong ball eyes and a funny voice
then paint half your body black and the other half white
then you can jump up and down going SKWAAK SWAAK SKWAAK
then you can go NAIGH NAIGH NAIGH
then you can roll about in a bowl of treakle going PE-TING PE-TING PE-TING

the reverend Sir Arther Beling is the Reverend of st Loony-up-the-creem-bun-and-jam, and is a fictional charicter created by the monty python team

And now for something compleatly diferent

And now a word from our guide
YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE MAD TO POST HEAR, BUT IT HELPSI am insane and want to say...

For the interlectuals

most of the posts i will make on this page, fall into two catagorys:
1). Insane coments
2). interlectual exercises
please excuse spelling


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