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"An apple a day?"

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Ooo-er, maybe that's overdosing a little!

They used to call tomatoes "love apples"; i wonder if that has any connection?

Do you know that leonard Cohen song, with the line "I lit a thin green candle, to make you jealous of me"? Are green candles associated with negative stuff?

I would probably describe myself as pagan (Hedge Witch variety) but not really Wiccan, though i do believe in symbolism i suppose...my cheesboxes use stuff like human hair & personal totems.

Very interesting Entry, well done Seraphina!


"An apple a day?"

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Thanks smiley - cheers

Personally I associate green with good luck, growth and wealth but who knows what others do?

"An apple a day?"

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This is the smiley - goodluck smiley. I think jealousy is a negative emotion to have. I saw a cat with green eyes last week, it was a pretty little tortoise-shell cat similar to a pet I had many years ago.

Green is a healing colour usually associated with the heart, but not in the 'love' sense as in smiley - loveblush more in a smiley - hugsense of I hope your heart is feeling better and managing to cope with all the plague and torment it has been suffering because of war and petty squabbles.

I have some beads my grandfather gave me, they are a beautiful pale shade of green and they emit a soft loving energy. I was told today this stone is called variscite. There is much of it arriving in Britain, from China these days, although I have had mine for more than 30 years. smiley - goodluck with the love spells Serephina smiley - ok

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