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Those who have played the excellent Tie-Fighter game (and add-ons) by LucasArts will know all about such Rebel craft.

Of course, one does wonder why the Tie-Defender never appeared in any of the films, why the Imperials didn't win with such an advanced craft and why the Alliance sucked so badly against the unshielded Tie-Fighters of the first three Star Wars films.

Perhaps we should ask George Lucas? On second thoughts, let's not. He is a silly man and would probably try to explain it with rastafarian cgi puppets.

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Nick Fel

An 'in character' explaination: Because the TIE Defender (contrary to what the games will tell you - they are not canon) was not developed until after Return of the Jedi.

An 'out-of character' explaination: They weren't made up for the film, and LucasFilm doesn't possess a time machine (apparently).


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It's all due to the almighty $$$$$$$$$

A sad, but true, outlook.


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Nick Fel

How so? :P

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