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a visitor to planet earth

An interesting article, well written, pity we couldnt have some pictures or diagrams to illustrate your descriptions. I am interested in old sailing ships. I have read all the Hornblower novels.


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Steve K.

The best book I've seen on the topic is "Nelson's Navy: The Ships, Men and Organization 1793-1815". The author is Brian Lavery, published by the Naval Institute Press, and a Foreword by Patrick O'Brian. A big coffee table book with 350 pages and lots of illustrations, I don't think much got left out. I'll bet the guys making "Master and Commander" had a copy.


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Very nice article.

From my reading into the subject I have always found the French ships to have more guns, where as the British ships had flintlock guns.

A small point and perhaps I have misunderstood.

Cosgit the original


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Delicia - The world's acutest kitten

Is there any reason why high sea going ships like the Dutch and the John company at al didn't exist millenia earlier? You know these imposing sailing ships like in Captain Blood etc. Or did they?

Ships for Sale!

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Traveller in Time Reporting Bugs -o-o- Broken the chain of Pliny -o-o- Hired

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"There are indeed not many classic sailing ships Blobbed.
How about < B3797525 > (No way back for digibox users!), or < B1239463 > as tall ships. A small asian sailing vessel < B2727984 > or something unlikely as < A2252800 >?
More modern sailing ships can be found in the 'Save The Albatross' project < <./>http://www.savethealbatross.org</.> > or < A552908 >."

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