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What a lovely entry...as it were. An absorbing read.

Here in France, wetwipes are called lingettes & are widely used for all sorts of purposes; it could be said the French have taken them to their hearts I suppose.

One use you may not know of is that they will remove splashes of paint from just about any surface if you are a messy home decorator.

Can we have an entry on The Joy of Kitchen Towel next please?
Again, this is widely used/abused in France & is seen as a multi-purpose item; I am pretty sure the reason for those lovely Breton hats is that the ladies are cunningly concealing an extra roll. Maybe the traditional Welsh ladies were similarly well prepared?

I shall research this subject further for The Hootoo Home of Today A1008550 ; watch out for a flood of curious readers from <./>thepost</.> descending upon this space.....

smiley - zensmiley - devilTerri.


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hehehe i just got that....
still comes to question why somebody would write that though. smiley - biggrin it was very...erm...'fresh' to say the least.


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smiley - erm

Not sure if these are complimentary remarks (if so, thanks) or....otherwise.

Yup, kitchen towels, very handy. I usually keep a roll in each room of the house.

Wiping up spilled paint? What a great ideasmiley - ok

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