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Hackers anyone?

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No “computers in movies” discussion would be complete without a mention of the 1995 film, Hackers. There are way too many instances of unrealistic stuff to mention but there are a few that stand out. There’s a scene where the good guys print out the code from a worm they’ve discovered, but of course it’s in binary…the amazing thing is they can read it! They can see all the evil things this worm does by looking at page after page of ones and zeros. And who can forget that whenever one of them breaks into the bad guy’s computer, stunning 3D graphics with pillars of filenames fill the screen while math equations float by in the back ground. What’s worse is that one of the times when they tape into this graphical system, they are using special modems that get hooked up to payphones….The one nugget of truth in the film was the old payphone tone scheme. Of course most of the payphones in the world have been modified so that it won’t work. But hey, the movie was only PG-13 and you get a whole 12 frames of Angelina Jolie breast.

My suggestion for a good hacker movie…Sneakers (1992) check it out.


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One of the best hacker style films done today. so many good actors, little conspiracy theories thrown in for good measure. really excellent movie, aquired it recently on dvd. top film and dan ackroyd performs to his normally excellent best. this is a well made movie, well cast, good script.

watch it!

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