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Mobile/Cell Phones Are Tracking Devices

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Its true a mobile/cell phone is a tracking device you can't go anywhere take the Loo/Toilet for instance your there minding your own when it starts ringing smiley - bleep then it shuts up then a differant tune telling you, you have a text message from the person who called in the first place! You goto town do your shopping next the mobile/cell goes off ("Where are you") so no matter where you go, what your doing they no where you are if you don't answer, don't text, best thing is switch the smiley - bleep off, Gosh and I have three smiley - laugh my main one *o2* my older *vodafone* my third is open to used any sim as I payed £2.99 to unblock it, but mobiles/cell phones have come along way since they fetched out the brick smiley - laugh I had one the Motorola couldn't even locked the keypad was so basic. The I payed £99 for an Alcatel small,dinky, texting was a pain rubbish tones and ring tones, orange backlight I had it for years only got rid last year, also had Nokia 3100 thats years old and I still got that and it works still, then I had my partners contract phone turned into my pay & go brill phone at the time Nokia 6820 still got that the QWERTY keyboard has camera, video camera, colour screen, clock, bluetooth, text, phone book, games, browsing web etc.
My latest mobile/cell phone was new last year 2008 LG ks360 QWERTY keyboard well that has everything 4.2" screen full colour, touch dialing, texting max 10 pages, MMS, Emailing, voicemail, call history, phonebook, MP3 player, camera, video camera, FM radio, voice recorder, micro SD card max 2GB,phone has 15MB store all your pictures,MP3 full music tracks, MP4s, music videos+other videos, bluetooth, USB connection (enables me to print photos to a printer via USB cable/send mass storage to a PC, games, Google maps, calendar, memo, Yahoo, (tools) alarm clock, calculator,stopwatch, unit convertor, world clock, (home) bookmarks enter address, history, saved pages, cache, cookies, javascript,(settings) wallpaper, clocks, backlight timer, brightness, font size, theme black/white background, menu style grid/list, font style Gothic, round, serif, script, joy, and has internet. Does everything apart from cook, slide QWERTY keyboard brill I could never go back to tap,tap,tap at the number keys and predictive text what a nightmare, it has all that but its still a tracking device, we carry them everywhere, we can't live without our tracking device, you can text someone at the other side of the world can even talk to them, no wires like the good old home phone (landline) and they getting smarter take the Apple iphone no buttons at all well just two and the volume, everything on that phone is done by voice,touch,pen and your finger, soon they be bringing me a mug of coffee, cook my tea, hoover, wash smiley - laugh a great invention but from the start its simply a tracking device..
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Mobile/Cell Phones Are Tracking Devices

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