A Conversation for Children

why do we love/hate children?

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As in The Wizard Of? Where on earth did you find the number? I've got the ruby slippers... but that's another thread.

why do we love/hate children?

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The Duke of Dunstable

But we're fresh out of hearts and courage, are we not? I believe we sold the last items to Jack Beanstalk, no?

why do we love/hate children?

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I made up the number...such is the wonder in a child's mind. I think that the guy's name was Paul...but I can't remember from then, only trying to remember what my mom told me.

Had to go thru the Munchkin switchboard though...rotten little beggars they are! Very rude!


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That's Callums latest thing. He has a toy phone which he yaks away to. His Aunt bought it thinking it would discourage him from using the real one. WRONG!smiley - smiley

Oh, and our Callum was one in June. Did you know the name meant dove?

why do we love/hate children?

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That's a bit like close encounters of the third kind. The kid just knew the tune and you just knew the number for Oz!!!
Do you have an aura? Can I look?

why do we love/hate children?

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Researcher 50128 (and Proud of it)

Kids and phones, that can be dangerous or down right funny. When my daughter was about 2, she loved to answer the phone. One morning as we were getting ready to start the day, the phone rang. Carrie ran to answer it. I heard her say "Good Morning" and then she looked out the window. She told the caller that one of our cats (George) and on the porch and the other (Fred) wasn't home yet. Then I heard her say Hello? two or three times. When I asked her who was calling, she said she didn't know. I asked her what was said. When she replied "he asked me how my pussy was this morning, so I told him." I just about died laughing. 2 years old, and her first obscene pjone call, handled with truth and dignity!

why do we love/hate children?

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Hilarious!smiley - smiley I love how kids take things literally. I bet the caller was really confused!

why do we love/hate children?

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My mother told me that when I was 2 or 3 she was always finding me on the phone with the operator, I just chatted away for ages. The only time I remember calling someone, when I was 3, was the district nurse. I just made the number up, it was weird.
Some of the other things that I remember doing when I was 2 or 3 was I was allways excapeing from my cot, I figered out how to open it and if that diddn't work I would reach through the bars and open up the chest of draws next to my cot and use them as a ladder.
I once made my mum a breakfast in bed, it was only cornflakes, but I couldn't figure out why the suger kept diserpearing so I kept putting more on.
My brother once cut my sisters hair and pyjamers up when she was asleep. Evil little 4 year old.

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