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How to Make a Butt Pillow

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In order to make a proper butt1 pillow, it is important that one first understands what a butt pillow actually is. It is quite a simple idea: a butt pillow is a pillow that looks like a butt. Before the reader gets the wrong idea, let it be understood that a butt pillow does not look like somebody's nude butt, but rather the butt of someone who is wearing trousers. To give you a better idea, here are the instructions on how to make a butt pillow:

You will need:

  • A pair of old jeans (they give the best effect, but any kind of trousers will do)
  • A sewing machine
  • Some strong thread (could be yellow jean thread or a colour that matches the trousers) and a strong sewing needle
  • Cotton stuffing or fabric scraps (an old T-shirt might work well)
  • Some decorations such as ribbon, sequins, etc


  1. Take the jeans and cut the legs off anywhere between an inch to an inch and a half below the crotch.

  2. Turn the jeans inside out and, with the sewing machine, sew the bottom of each jean leg (what is left of it) closed.

  3. Next, turn the jeans right side out and make sure that there is mostly just the seat of the trousers and not much leg. If you did not sew further in enough or did not cut enough of the legs off, you can go back and repeat steps 1 and 2, but make sure, if you have already sewn the trouser leg bottoms, to remove the seam first (which can be done by breaking it apart with the strong sewing needle). If you must repeat step 1, cut off only as much excess material as you estimate is necessary for the pillow to have the right appearance of having more butt than leg, and keep in mind that you need enough fabric left over to sew the leg bottoms closed.

  4. If the trouser leg area does not need any further adjustment, you can go ahead and stuff the jeans with cotton or with fabric scraps (but don't use stiff scraps!) Make sure you stuff the butt area to get a nice roundness effect so it will have that real-looking quality to it, and stuff the jeans completely to the top because you do not want any slack.

  5. Once the trouser seat is quite full with stuffing, sew the top shut by hand with your strong needle and strong thread and try, if you can, to make short, straight, neat looking stitches.

  6. Now, feel free to decorate the front or the back, or both sides, with whatever you want. It would probably be best to focus on the trouser pockets, and especially the back pockets.

Once your butt pillow is finished, place it on your bed or on the couch, take a step back to get the full effect, and you will see that it really does look like somebody's butt!

1'Butt' is a North American term and is used throughout this entry rather than the British alternative (bottom), since 'the butt pillow' was the original name given to this idea.

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