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Sounds very comfy!

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Mu Beta

smiley - biggrin

Can you make breast pillows as well? smiley - devil


Sounds very comfy!

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Foggy (and a little gloomy too)

hmmm, well you could try, but it might be a bit bumpy smiley - bigeyes, & so not very comfy. I made a butt pillow for a friends birthday a few years ago & its still on her couch smiley - smiley, but its not as round now as it once was. It kind of looks like the butt of someone whose been run over by a giant truck smiley - erm. If you make a butt pillow, stuff it well!

Sounds very comfy!

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Fragilis - h2g2 Cured My Tabular Obsession

I'm only guessing, but I'd imagine the type of stuffing used has a big effect over the years. Cotton or acrylic stuffing for quilts and such tends to compact a bunch. Stuffing for use in stuffed animals is more likely to keep its shape. But do test for softness before buying.

Sounds very comfy!

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Foggy (and a little gloomy too)

I actually just used fabric scraps for stuffing cause I didn't have anything else, which is probably the reason why the pillow flattened out so much smiley - erm

Sounds very comfy!

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if you changed the last step, you could restuff later. for example, instead of sewing the top shut, you could sew in a zipper (although i realize this is significantly more difficult than just sewing a seam). you could hide it by sewing it an inch or so down under the waist of common jeans, so that the top would kind of fold over the zipper. this way, you could add stuffing as neccessary, or even change it completely if you wanted. plus, it would make a cool plce to hide things.... what about slight modifications, leading to a butt shoulder bag?

Sounds very comfy!

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Foggy (and a little gloomy too)

Butt shoulder bag smiley - yikes. Sounds kind of scary to me smiley - erm. Its one thing to display butts in your own home, but I don't know about butts hanging off of peoples shoulders out in public smiley - doh. Thats actually a really good idea about adding a zipper to the top instead of just sewing it shut, cause then you could replace the stuffing if the pillow gets all flattened out smiley - ok

Sounds very comfy!

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Amy Pawloski, aka 'paper lady'--'Mufflewhump'?!? click here to find out... (ACE)

Why not just stuff through the already existing zipper?

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Sounds very comfy!

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