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I remember many a gallant game of top trumps where the more contentious the topic the better ...

I had super cars and I seem to remember one of them having 6 wheels ... guaranteed winner every time: "Number of Wheels: 6" ... Ha ha, eat my shorts, sucker!

Also I remember if you got a really duff card you could always chance it with the card number "B2" for example beat everything except all the A's and B1 ... unfair - of course it was!

I also remember massive arguments over things like Rev's and Top Speeds ... The makers used to incite violence and family disputes by putting things like "Top Speed: At least 150mph" ... the opposition may have a top speed of 200mph but your card didn't state that it couldn't go 200mph or indeed faster ... therefore a draw obviously!

"Number of people in picture" or "number of trees visible" were always goody's too, if only because they had nothing to do with the actual subject of the cards!

God what fun ... who needs an XBox?!?

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