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Four Wheel Drive Query

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Great entry, but I have a question: I thought that Land Rovers were srtictly four-wheel drive vehicles and that consequently any speed over say 50mph was wildy unstable. Have Land Rover used funky traction control thingies to get around this or what?

Four Wheel Drive Query

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Thanks for the "great entry" comment. I'm not sure about the technicalities of the four wheel drive speed thing, but the Defender does have permanent 4WD and it works fine at speeds up to about 70mph. Above that you get a bit of a feeling of being out of control, but that's not down to the 4WD. I've posted a link to this entry on a couple of Land Rover forums so maybe someone from there will have a more technical answer for us.

Four Wheel Drive Query

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"great entry" comment i have been driving a Defender 110 300tdi for over 8 years and i have used it for eveything i can think of FROM driving to work to towing caravans boats horseboxes cars off roading (SIMPLY THE BEST)And i do not feel the vehicle is at all unstable ,Most people think they will tip over if you go into a bend to fast or round an island but you get used to the body roll they will go straight in the wet if you are going to fast in the wrong gear other wise you can play like any 4x4 Just make shure your tyre pressures are correct as this will make the vehicle lose control and probably rollover ,QUOTE "Above that you get a bit of a feeling of being out of control" I have had the Pump pressure increased to help from the lights and as long as you change gears well before max revs are reached you can make good from stand still , As for top speed approximately 90 -100 MPH can be achieved in the right circumstances
high ratio and about 50-55 MPH low ratio LOVE MY LANIE
Have a look at the link some friends having some fun in the mud !!!!

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