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Other ways to deal with them.

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Use blinds, not curtains, and make the room as cool, dry and light as possible. Dust mites like dark damp warm places. I always throw my covers off and open a window, every day, even in midwinter. I don't use curtains anymore, but if other people do, make sure they are open wide. This helps to keep them down in your mattress and pillow, so you are not breathing them in all night. Don't use carpets in bedrooms if you can avoid this. Don't use those things that you hang on radiators and fill with water.

Putting things in the freezer doesn't really work as it's often the faeces that causes the problems rather than the mites themselves, but it does help a bit. Chuck them all out is a better idea. And the water has to be above 55 degrees to kill them. It's best to wash covers and duvets at 60 - you can buy duvets that will take a wash like this. They don't die otherwise, just get a bit wet.

Dusting with a wet cloth is better than a dry cloth, although I take the 'no dusting' option personally.

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Other ways to deal with them.

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