A Conversation for Dust Mites

Not alone!

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Hurrah! The large number of sufferers is recognised!

I use my allergy as an excuse not to dust or vacuum (or get someone else to do it while I'm out of the waysmiley - winkeye).

I hate the sheet and pillow covers, as it's like sleeping in a giant crisp packet.

But switching floor coverings (to bare wood or more dense short hair carpet) has been very effective for me.

smiley - hugto all other victims, and take this flower away will yousmiley - cheerup, the pollen's getting to me.

Not alone!

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Vestboy II not playing the Telegram Game at U726319

How about getting rid of the bed and sleeping straight on the wooden floor.

No, I'm joking, but we've reduced many of the carpets in our house and have these clip together wooden floors. They are less forgiving of accidents with glass or crockery though.

Not alone!

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its kinda interesting having all hard floors. i always stand in awe when a glass pickle jar BOUNCES off of the tiles...

Not alone!

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I used to curse wooden floor in my house (in UK) ( not any more smiley - winkeye) as in India we have concrete floors and it is very easy to clean. I have been thinking about carpeting but I think, need to give it a second thought!

smiley - cheers

Not alone!

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I'm also VERY allergic to the waste-products of these wee guys.

A very interesting article.

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