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falling wet carnage

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Sea Change

I used to work for a rodent breeder. Sorry I missed this in Peer Review.

I'd not use 'fisticuffs' but instead the word 'carnage', because most folk don't imagine that something as cute and small as a syrian hamster can be so utterly violent. Death is a likely result.

One common cause of wet tail is a wet substrate. This means one should never give hamsters a water dish, but instead an upside down bottle with a lick-ball tube. Since hamsters don't look up or reach up very well, but are prone to piling up their bedding, one needs to keep a careful watch that the lick tube doesn't soak into the hamster cage.

Hamsters normally live in and on the ground, so they don't have an instinct to avoid heights. One needs to be aware of this if one owns an escape artist hamster, or takes their pet outside its cage onto a table or sofa.

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falling wet carnage

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