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"...noisy as @#$%..." Yikesable?

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Sea Change

From experience, I know I tend to be more sensitive than most here, but it seems to me that an article about a cute pet that children might own doesn't particularly need this kind of language.

What say you all, fellow Researchers?

"...noisy as @#$%..." Yikesable?

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What, hell? The moderators wouldn't remove that, I think. Perhaps you can coerce the editors into doing it though

smiley - blacksheep

"...noisy as @#$%..." Yikesable?

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I think it's fine.

"...noisy as @#$%..." Yikesable?

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If you're referring to the phrase "noisy as hell" I fail to see the problem. You might as well complain about the use of the word "blighters" earlier in the sentence.

"...noisy as @#$%..." Yikesable?

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Sea Change

It doesn't seem to bother anyone else, so I am not gonna complain beyond this thread. To my brain "blighter" is a unitedkingdomisn and therefore sounds too silly to my american ear to be offensive.

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