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the third man(temporary armistice)n strike)

Firstly, a very enjoyable piece. I think Ellis Island has appeared, or the notion has appeared, in many films. I think the late Richard Burton even appeared in a TV mini series. Strangely, when Barbara Streisand was making her film of Yentl she wanted authenticity and so the Ellis Island scenes were shot on the Liverpool(UK) seafront. I know, I was one of the extras on ten pounds a day back in 1982. It is ironic that so many passengers must have begun their journey to Ellis Island in Liverpool and now it pretended to be the destination.


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Tashalls, Muse of Flights of Fancy (Losing Weight at A858170)

In Godfather II the young Vito Corleon is process through what I imagine is a very faithful replica of Ellis Island in the early 1900s. It's a beatufully crafted few scenes with the amusing background of why the Corleones are named after the village he came from (because the young Italian spoke no English, so the mix up ensued that the heavily-worked immigration official mistook the sign on his chest to be his name, not his origin). I would imagine a lot of immigrants probably suffered the same mixup?

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