A Conversation for Teddies and 'Real' Bears


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People who like stuffed bears are idiots.

I mean, why? Why like some rubbish bear, usually dressed as an English Gent, or with great big patches of fur missing (adds to the charm apparently, or something), why instead you could have a much better animal?

I find a nice cat from Hamleys is infinitely better (not to mention cuddlier).

Ikea currently do a lovely rabbit for £2. Can't be argued with.


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smiley - tomato


Post 3


who are you to value a cat over a bear !

(i hate cats)


Post 4


A tad harsh. My grandma lives by a main road and has severe arthritis, she loves soft toys. Oh what an idiot she is for not having a pet dog she can try to walk combined with her walking stick, or a cat that could be run over within a week.
And what's wrong with something that brings joy? hmm.


Post 5


Ooh wait, just bears? I retract previous statements, and apoligise.smiley - sorry

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