A Conversation for Schrodinger's Cat

Mrs Schrodingers view...

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Cupid Stunt

Mrs S to Mr S: "What did you do to that cat? It looks half dead?"

Also: Wanted- Dead and alive Scrodingers cat.

Mrs Schrodingers view...

Post 2

David B - Singing Librarian Owl

smiley - laugh

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Post 3

Uncle Ghengis

Any idea what happened to Rutherford's Hamster?
Or for that matter...
Bohr's pet Gecko?
Heisenberg's West-Highland Terrier?
Oppenheimer's Goldfish?
Fermi's Chihuahua?
or even...
Planck's two little brothers (who weren't as clever)

Mrs Schrodingers view...

Post 4

chickadee (wheee!)

schrödinger really did have a cat. its name was hamlet, because ... are you ready? ... the whole time it's sitting in that box it's wondeering, "to be or not to be?" smiley - biggrin

Mrs Schrodingers view...

Post 5

Cupid Stunt

I got the Planck's two younger brothers bit, but missed the significance of the others, can you help me out?

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