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History of pineapples in England

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I would really like to know what the evidence is for William III growing pineapple fruits and serving them to guests. If this is true he is almost certainly the first person in England to succeed in growing an edible pineapple, and I think it would have been commented on by guests. Where are these comments, please?

Sure, Wm had hot-houses built at Hampton Court, and he did apparently bring pineapple plants accross from Holland along with all the other rarities. He probably displayed them with great pride. But did he grow any edible pineapples?

I would also like to make the comment that yes, the Victorians did grow pineapples in pinapple pits, but this was common in England long before the Victorians came along.

OK, all information gratefully received. Thanks, MJ Swordfish

History of pineapples in England

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Hi, thanks for the feedback. I have adjusted the entry to reflect your commentssmiley - ok

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