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Water retention

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You can call me TC

As far as I know (and have experienced) eating fresh pineapple, or drinking the juice, is an effective cleanser - it makes you go to the toilet more frequently, thus helping short-term weight loss - at last, something good for you, which tastes really great, too.

Water retention

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Sho - employed again!

oh just what I needed, another reason to eat the yummiest fruit in the world.

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fab article,GB! smiley - applause

Water retention

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aka Bel - A87832164

Love the entry GB
And you're right TC, that's the main reason we sell pineapple juice in our health food shop - mainly to people who are going to visit other people in hospitals.

Water retention

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You can call me TC

Can anyone tell me what time of year is best to buy pineapples? They don't seem to be available all the time - mainly in the autumn, if I remember correctly. Perhaps they come from so many countries, they're OK all the year round.

Anyway - a lovely entry, very comprehensive. Sorry not to have said that before going on to add bits. It's just the right length and covers every conceivable topic.

Water retention

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

Hello ladies!smiley - wow

Thanks a lot, it's always great to get (good) feedbacksmiley - ok
smiley - ta
Perhaps you'd like to have a look at my efforts for the bountiful coconut, if you enjoyed thissmiley - biggrin
It's in PR:
comments welcome theresmiley - ok

Fresh pineapples are in my local shops now, TCsmiley - biggrin

I always keep a sealed carton of pure pineapple juice in my fridge for what ails me, and use pineapple in cooking all the time!smiley - drool

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