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I have been all across the USA

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Sea Change

And I would hazard, so have most baby boomers and probably a good portion of Californians.

It was the 'thing' in those days for the entire family to take an economical holiday by doing a road trip in the family car. Many of the monuments and museums in our capital are considered a major part of our heritage, and so they were the ideal destination for many. I have seen the Alamo in Texas, the Grand Canyon in Arizona, the Niagara Falls, the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Coulee and Hoover Dams, and the source of the Colorado and the Rio Grande rivers in the Colorado Rockies. There were multiple drivers in the family by the time I was born, we were able to travel continuously, so I have a real sense of how far just how things are.

One of the things I discovered while growing up in California, is that a good 80% of my classmates were from somewhere else.

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I have been all across the USA

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