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One typo and two queries:
typo footnote 2: 'Don't Talk, ust Kiss' > and 'Don't Talk, Just Kiss'

I'm not sure about either of these, having not seen the show:smiley - erm

Les Alamos provide the musical accompaniment > Les Alanos provide the musical accompaniment
(the sub-header refers to Les Alanos, Les and Alan, so I assume Alamos is incorrect)
'Den of Inequity' > 'Den of Iniquity'
(unless it is a pun on a place of unfairness rather than the more usual phrase relating to wickedness and sin)

Glad I read this smiley - smiley - I've often wondered what the show was about, but it has been at a time inconvenient for me to watch. If it gets repeated I'll try and tape them.

Pimms smiley - mistletoe


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Thanks very much for those, Pimms! I really enjoyed the Entry too - and I can't recommend strongly enough that you do watch Phoenix Nights!

smiley - ta


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PIMMS- F**k me, how nit-picky do you wanna be. Do you just go round scouring articles for mis-spelt words rather than enjoy the writers (superb) peice of work.
Get out the house Mate.


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Pimms improved the quality of the Edited Guide by pointing out a few remaining errors in the article, so that they could be promptly fixed; not to be excessively nitpicky to upset any Researcher.

Perhaps, next time you wish to make such a comment, you could post it more diplomatically, or not at all?


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