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Steve K.

I don't know much about Feng Shui, and have never given much weight to the "spiritual" aspect of, say, architecture, but I do have an interest in the practical and aesthetic aspects. Maybe close to the same?

One example explained in a lecture by an architect was the style of downtown office areas popular for a while some decades ago. It involved high rises office buildings separated by wide, empty plazas. A very clean, simple look in the scale model used for design, but office workers ended up forming human chains to get across the plazas in high winds, funneled by the tall buildings.

Another architect gave a residential example. One area of Houston, Texas, which used to be a suburb, had mostly 1950's bungalow style small homes on wide lots, with lots of trees and very well kept. With the city's growth, the area is now "near town" and the lots are worth a fortune to wealthy executives. The bungalows are torn down and massive, cookie-cutter "mansions" are built, filling the entire lot. These have come to be called "Georgian Burgers", and of course many sit between two of the older bungalows on wide lots. The "solution", apparently, is to replace the rest of the bungalows with Georgian Burgers.

A final grin - the TV show "Monk" is about a Columbo style detective who is pretty neurotic. He can hardly stand anything being out of place, e.g. rearranging everybody's eating utensils at a restaurant table. At a home where a murder had been committed - the furnishings not very disturbed as I recall - he looked physically pained and started moving lamps, etc., while mumbling to himself, "It's like a Feng Shui nightmare in here". smiley - bruised

Real World Examples

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My apologies for not responding sooner! I forgot to subscribe to this

I haven't heard of the first two, but the last one, 'Monk' is very entertaining. I remember that episode.

smiley - blacksheep a master of TV

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feng shui is a way to instil enthusiasm in the people to get energy to clean up their mess

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