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What is all this hype about christmas? The evidence that it is in fact a pagan festival called saturnalia with a bit of yule thrown in for good measure, is overwhelming. But for those of you who really do believe it to be Christs birthday, why are you debating hangover cures? Did not Christ condem drunkards??


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Wait, didn't he turned water into alcohol for his friends at a party? Doesn't sound like someone who was a stranger to hangovers.


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Yes he did turn water into wine at a party, but what sort of person believes it impossible to drink alcohol in moderation, without actually getting drunk and suffering the inevitable hangover??


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Beer Elf

What about unfortunates like me that get hangovers from two glasses of wine? smiley - sadface
How fair is that?


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i have never ever had a handover, strange, and i drink laods out with mates


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I have a theory about hangovers: the chances of you having a hangover increases significantly if you have something important to do the day after that of drunkenness.

Therefore, a smart way to avoid a hangover is simply not to have any important appointment the next day.


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Textbook Chaos

true that, and have you ever noticed that the weather is always surprisingly good when you have no desire to leave the comfort of your own bed

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