A Conversation for DNR or CPR - a Difficult Decision


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It might be obvious to British researchers what DNR means, but is it too much to ask for a "translation" for us bl***y foreigners? smiley - tongueout

Could it be "Do not resuscitate"? I wouldn't expect that I should have to *guess* what a EG headline means. smiley - huh


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Bright Blue Shorts

It's not obvious to all British researchers ... I had to search through the entry. Probably only anyone with a medical background could guess at this. DNR should have been explained in the first paragraph.

Perhaps though just poorly titled and something like "To CPR or not?" would have been better. Haven't read the whole entry so don't know if it is entirely appropriate.


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DNR *is* Do Not Resuscitate, but you probably wouldn't know that unless you had a basic medical knowledge; I agree, some clarification would be useful here.

Joe C


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The H2G2 Editors

Added smiley - ok


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smiley - cheers

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