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Unsung heroes

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There is something heart-wrenching about unsung heroes. I have always thought that Alan Turing would be as much a household name as Einstein if he had been American instead of British; and would have had a long life of fame instead of death in dishonour and obscurity fifty years ago.

And this is the first I have ever heard of Tommy Flowers. Respect.

Unsung heroes

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Thank you.

If no one else reads this, I have made at least one other person aware of Tommy Flowers. Respect to you too.

Unsung heroes

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One of the *very* few *real* Men of Honour that the world has ever produced! Thank you for making his story known !

Unsung heroes

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Delicia - The world's acutest kitten

Tommy the Technician sounds a very interesting fellow to me! Is one of the most exciting contemporary biographies i've seen, thanks for that.

"He seems to have been a practical child, when told of the arrival of a baby sister he declared a preference for a 'Meccano2' set."
smiley - laugh priceless sentence!smiley - ok

Unsung heroes

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I don't if anyone will look at this but Tommy flowers was my Husbands Great Uncle. All this info about him was not known until we read about it on the web.

Unsung heroes

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Well . . . strike me pink! Congratulations!

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