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Pete's Eats, Snowdonia, Wales

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Picture the scene... you have just been climbing near Snowdonia, you're starving, freezing cold or just generally miserable. On the horizon you see a gaudily painted cottage-type building and an angelic choir sounds in your head. That's right, it's Pete's Eats - the climber's café - with walls covered in climbing and travel photographs.

It's the home of the big plate, massive mug and divine veggie burger.

How to Get There

From any of the Llanberis crags, walk northwards up the pass (or hitch a lift) until you reach the town. Follow the signs down a left fork in the main road, until you reach the café at the far end of the high street.

For drivers, there is plenty of free parking space available, which can be found around the back, by the lake, about 100 metres from the café.


The food is simple, but quantity as well as quality is assured. The food is prepared by local staff. Recommended dishes include the 'walnut and cheese veggieburger' and the chip buttie (order it on bread, not a roll, for a carbohydrate feast). The omelettes are big and tasty, and the chips are plentiful and hot. The largest meal on offer is named 'Big Jim', named after Jimmy Jewel, legendary Welsh climber, who was killed around 1993. Jimmy was the only one who could finish the plate, which consists of a combination of nearly everything on the menu. If you're chilly, the hot drinks, which are served in very big pint mugs, warm you up from your nose to your toes. Tea is apparently the best beverage, but all of them are lovely.


There are a number of facilities to hand which include:

  • Bunkhouse accommodation
  • Internet access with printing facility (although you do have to pay)
  • Map room
  • (Improved!) toilets
  • Free jukebox - the selection is about as eclectic as the clientele - world, classical, blues, country and rock.

Customer's Comments

It used to be cheaper - it's still pretty good value, but you'll no longer get change from a fiver for a snack and a mug of tea.
Their jacket potatoes (particularly with garlic and cheese) are fantastic. It's a [pain] trying to get a large mug of black tea there though, as their tea machine makes it automatically white.
Britain's best café.
Veggie or not, the veggie burgers are divine.


Pete's Eats can be found at:

40 High Street
LL55 4EU

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