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Crash Test Dummies - the Band

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The Crash Test Dummies are a band from Canada. The band members are Brad Roberts, lead singer and songwriter, Ellen Reid, vocals and keyboard, Dan Roberts, bass guitar and synth bass, Mitch Dorge, drums and percussion, and Ben Darvill on mandolin, harmonica, and guitar. While on tour, Murray Pulver, the 'Pulverizer', usually joins the Dummies on guitar.

The band has produced four official albums: The Ghosts That Haunt Me, God Shuffled His Feet, A Worm's Life, and Give Yourself A Hand. The interesting thing about the Dummies is that on each of their albums, they change their sound. Their first album was folk-like; their second, and most popular album, was more in a pop style; the third album used more electric guitar and took on a heavy metal type sound; and finally the fourth album is where Brad Roberts discovers his falsetto voice, and makes an almost club/techno type sound. The fourth album is the hardest to describe.

This group has impeccable artistic integrity. The lyrics focus on various aspects of society, while at the same time providing depth and entertainment.

The Dummies are an acquired taste, so if at first you don't get into their music right away, listen to it a couple more times, and before you know it, you'll end up a true Dummyhead.

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