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I am going to use this first journal entry to initiate three traditions that will hopefully become hallmarks of all my journal entries to come. Here goes nothing, to coin a phrase. I wonder who coined the phrase "coin a phrase". That's an odd phrase.

Haphazard Quote: "The big prerequisite to becoming a ninja is to have at least two black tee-shirts. And if they have writing on them, you have to turn them inside out."

My Horoscope: The alignment of the planets and socks I have lost means that gravity will conspire against me with staircases everywhere this week.

T42 Play of the Day: Mike, apparently in a stupor, won the bid and called nillo, dubs suit-of-their-own, and then threw the 6-6. hmmmm.

That about does it, wraps 'er all up. See ya on down the trail.
Oh and if you aren't into Texas 42, dont read the T42-POTD. It will just annoy you.

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The Firstborn of the Journal-Kin

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