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The Saddest Entry Ever

This is a very sad journal entry, because as you would guess if you saw me, I am very sick. This is, unsurprisingly, no fun at all.

Haphazard Quote: "I'd rather have a gun and not need one than need a gun and not have one." - True Romance

Horoscope: You're pitiful mortal weapons cannot harm the great Sniffly Nose. He is INVINCIBLE!!!

T42 POTD: Katie pulls out the surprise trump late in the game and pulls in a 21 point trick, and the blocking team makes 30.

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Entry 3

* This is Entry 3 because Entry 2 died of a sudden heart attack on her way to the journal.
** Interestingly enough, more than 95% of all journal entries are female.
*** The scientific reason for this, if there is any, is as of yet unknown.

Haphazard quote: "Because each leaf in the tree has only one parent, we can be certain that there is only one parent for any given leaf in the tree." - Unnamed Computer Science Prof

Horoscope: Neptune and Jupiter, in alignment with the bright yellow star in the top left, anonymously voted that eating greasy take-out for three meals today was unavoidable.

T42 Play of the Day: Dave blocked a strong 32 hand by unexpectedly trumping out the 6-6. Unfortunately, the hand was in the possession of this author at the time.

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The Firstborn of the Journal-Kin

I am going to use this first journal entry to initiate three traditions that will hopefully become hallmarks of all my journal entries to come. Here goes nothing, to coin a phrase. I wonder who coined the phrase "coin a phrase". That's an odd phrase.

Haphazard Quote: "The big prerequisite to becoming a ninja is to have at least two black tee-shirts. And if they have writing on them, you have to turn them inside out."

My Horoscope: The alignment of the planets and socks I have lost means that gravity will conspire against me with staircases everywhere this week.

T42 Play of the Day: Mike, apparently in a stupor, won the bid and called nillo, dubs suit-of-their-own, and then threw the 6-6. hmmmm.

That about does it, wraps 'er all up. See ya on down the trail.
Oh and if you aren't into Texas 42, dont read the T42-POTD. It will just annoy you.

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