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So... the Conservative party here (the main political opposition) announced their proposed policy recently of screening every immigrant to the UK for HIV and TB, with a positive reading for TB at least meaning their visa is automatically turned down. And the Labour party (currently in power) are saying that they're planning the same too.

I'm not usually one to rant about politics but how incredibly unethical is this?! It panders directly to the widespread prejudices against people who are HIV positive, not to mention suggesting the spread of HIV is directly the fault of ethnic minorities...

Mind you, I'm pretty much against public opinion in regards to immigration anyway - my opinion is that Britain happily f****d up many worldwide cultures in the past few centuries, and is therefore at least partly responsible for creating the huge gap between first and third world countries. After massacaring the native populations and installing our own culture in place, we can't really sit here on our high horse and complain about desperate refugees eroding our own culture.

I think anyone who complains about immigration should go and live and try and make a living in Uganda for a while, and see where they would prefer to move to.

So there.

Footnote: Besides, I want to move out of Britain and experience working in another culture anyhow, so somebody can have my place as soon as I find a job in the far east...

HIV Status

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We can complain about not having enough room though...

HIV Status

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

GreyDesk is looking for a job...

(*waves to Peregrin*)

Nice to see you around!smiley - hug

HIV Status

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I heard that immigrant workers are more likely to develop TB because of the conditions they live and work in after they've been here for a while, not because they're horribly infectious when they get here... So testing them wouldn't even do that much good anyway...

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HIV Status

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