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I am slightly obsessed with the site at the moment.
It is possible to play euchre there with other people on the net. This is the first time I have seen the internet as something other than simply a information gathering tool. The people there are mainly americans and canadians. I have been playing till all hours in the morning and often click on a couple of times a day.
I love the pressure of playing with a human partner instead of with a computer, it generates a sense of responsibility to remain focussed and win the game. Each player is given a starting rank of 1500 and you win or lose 7 points (I think) for every ranked game you play. 2000 expert.
It is amazing how intimidated i can get playing with people with higher rankings than me (it's pathetic). No matter how much I play I cannot get my rank above 1500. Every now and then I will accidentally find a good partner and have a good run of cards, then it will all turn around and everything starts going downhill. I think the key is to find friends on the site , get to know how they play and vice versa and stick with that one partner.
Anyway as with all my funny little obsessions this one will surely run it's course but I am having a ball of a time at the moment.

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