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Ohhh! I get it!

I love that moment of comprehension when someone explains something to you, or you read something you have never understood before and suddenly you understand it, something "clicks into place", and from that point on you are able to explain it anyone who wants to understand next time.

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Looking for work! AHHH!

I am looking for work again. It is such a degrading thing to do. I know it shouldn't be, I shouldn't let it, but it is. I am a university educated woman, highly respected in her field, with excellent references and managerial experience, who just wants to get out of the industry for a little break (and try and save some money at the same time for a trip to the UK) and I can't even get a crappy job answering the phones in a call centre. Apparently you have to have specific "answering the phone experience" to get these jobs. My "real" job deals with people in stressful situations, high levels of responsibility, requires a high level of adaptability, basically I have to be able to do EVERYTHING but apparently I don't have the specific experience of being able to say "Good morning, how can I help you?".
Now I don't know about you but I have spoken to these people working in these call centres and they don't appear to be mensa members to me. In fact most of them appear to have less common sense and customer service ability than the average garden snail. I usually have to call back two or three times just to find a sensible operator who can answer my questions (or at the very least can admit when they can't but know somebody who can).
If I could just sit back and be comfortable in the knowledge that these companies are missing out on employing the best (although not specifically qualified) person they would ever hire it would be fine. Unfortunately I need to earn money to eat (and more importantly to smoke) so unless the theatre industry in Australia dramatically picks up it's socks or I win the lottery I guess it's out to the shopping centre tomorrow and canvassing some shops. Yes. Retail. I think I am suitably underqualified to sell things I know nothing about, to people who don't know what they want, for people who already have way to much money and don't know what to do with it. Yes. Retail.

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I am slightly obsessed with the site at the moment.
It is possible to play euchre there with other people on the net. This is the first time I have seen the internet as something other than simply a information gathering tool. The people there are mainly americans and canadians. I have been playing till all hours in the morning and often click on a couple of times a day.
I love the pressure of playing with a human partner instead of with a computer, it generates a sense of responsibility to remain focussed and win the game. Each player is given a starting rank of 1500 and you win or lose 7 points (I think) for every ranked game you play. 2000 expert.
It is amazing how intimidated i can get playing with people with higher rankings than me (it's pathetic). No matter how much I play I cannot get my rank above 1500. Every now and then I will accidentally find a good partner and have a good run of cards, then it will all turn around and everything starts going downhill. I think the key is to find friends on the site , get to know how they play and vice versa and stick with that one partner.
Anyway as with all my funny little obsessions this one will surely run it's course but I am having a ball of a time at the moment.

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Latest reply: Nov 18, 2003

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