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Post 61


nah nats i dont know anyone called crazy carol lol.....but i have heard of her...shes abit mental that 1 and so is the one known as nutty natty lol......
she's just as bad, have u seen em having fights lol.....

like this lol

smiley - borg

smiley - tomato
smiley - tomato
smiley - tomato
smiley - tomato

smiley - nahnah


hope all is well...

take care
speak soon

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Post 62

*angelicaheaven* xxi will take thee stuart to be my husband for eternity.xx

Hi Sis

smiley - nahnahsmiley - nahnahsmiley - nahnah
YOU MISSED lol smiley - biggrin
No i dont know any of those names at all, i will have to jog my memory over them lmao smiley - smiley
Oh yeah, i remember them now, i guess my memory went out the window for awhile lol smiley - biggrin
But i guess it has come back again rofpmp smiley - laughsmiley - smiley
Who said that you could throw things at me, cos i never said you could.
So now you have started major war now, so here it comes, get your good hand on lol smiley - biggrin
smiley - racket1
smiley - tomato
smiley - corncob
smiley - cupcakesmiley - runsmiley - cheesecake
smiley - hotdog
smiley - burger
smiley - racket2

Now this time i am bound to get you, cos you are definitley stuck in the middle lol smiley - biggrin
Those two mad pair need help i think lmao smiley - smiley
Anyway i'm off incase more come my way.
So you take care smiley - ok
and be careful too.
Lots of love always to the best sis in the world , aswell as a good friend.
smiley - love xx*NATS*xx
smiley - rosesmiley - rosesmiley - rose

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Post 63


NATS... u missed too lol....

u must b aiming at the wrong person lol....

how has ur day been???
hope its not been too hot for you, i know i slept better last night cause it was cooler...

am just having a smiley - ale woohoo lol....

i`m just nice n relaxed and i`m sure i`ll sleep well tonight..

well i hope all is well....take care
speak soon
youe little sis
smiley - rose

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Post 64

*angelicaheaven* xxi will take thee stuart to be my husband for eternity.xx

Hi Carol

smiley - love

What are we like acting like little widdle kids lol smiley - biggrin
So i missed yer did i, well we will sort that out now.
Have you got your good hand on again, cos you are geting lombarded with them anyway.
CATCH smiley - tomato on your head smiley - cheesecake in your mush, aswell as smiley - hotdog in your gob roflmao smiley - smiley
I have been in a depressing mood all day, and i don't know why smiley - wah
It's been a lovely day but with clouds, cos the sun kept going in all the time.
I'm glad that you slept better hun, i din't cos i had that nightmare again.
It was smiley - bleeping awful i can tell you.
Your having smiley - ale that's new for you isn't it lol smiley - biggrin
I hope i sleep better tonight, cos i don't want another sleepless night.
Oh well i will speak soon smiley - ok
Have a good nights sleep if you can.
Anyway i am going now and i shall speak soon.
Take care cos i care smiley - ok
Lots of love going your way always.
smiley - love xx*NATS*xx
smiley - hug back aswell as kisses xxxxx

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