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What I have Done this Year

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I have been to Canada twice.

I have failed disastrously to find employment.

I have fallen in love. smiley - love

I have lost 3 stone.

I have eaten too much Japanese food.

I developed horrendous gallstones and then horrendous heart attack like pains.

I have stood on a mountain and looked all the way to America.

I have cursed bad Canadian drivers.

I have eaten donuts. smiley - donut

I have bought clothes from Sears and Old Navy.

I have kept my hair blonde.

I have indulged in many a flame war.

I have installed and run the Firefox browser for well over 6 months.

I have seen The Faint in live concert.

I have...*cough*...done "it"...

I was one of the first people to get a Gmail account in the middle of April.

I have used my passport.

I have visited a Canadian ER and realised how disastrously awful the NHS is.

I have cried over a political election result.

Did I mention I've fallen in love?

What I have Done this Year

Post 2

DA ; Simply Vicky: Don't get pithy with me!

Wow, Saturnine, how good to hear something from you, it's been yonks! I am so glad you've fallen in smiley - love! That's something everyone must do at least once in her lifetime...
It sounds like you've had a really exciting year. That's great! I'm glad to hear you're still blonde.

What I have Done this Year

Post 3


I'm very impressed with the eating donuts *and* losing three stone bit. smiley - envysmiley - winkeye

Sounds like it was a very interesting year - what are your plans for the next one?

Nice to hear from you again.


What I have Done this Year

Post 4


"I have failed disastrously to find employment."

In what way was the failure more disastrous than merely failing? smiley - erm All I can think of right now is that your attempt somehow prejudiced all future attempts - which seems a bit unlikely. I'm arbitrarily ruling out the possibility of your attempt being the cause of some reported disaster, such as the latest earthquake or election result.

"I have fallen in love."

Hopefully that's less disastrous. smiley - winkeye

What I have Done this Year

Post 5


What I have done this year
1. Worked
2. Slept
4. Got f*cked out of my skull.
5. Got f*cked out of my skull.
6. Got f*cked out of my skull.
Ad infinitum.

My plans for the next year

1. Work
2. Get f*cked out of my skull.
3. Give up sleeping, most probably in combination with point 2.

What I have Done this Year

Post 6


Adelaide - howdy there! Now, the conundrum begins. I've fallen in love with someone from h2g2. I won't say who he is until he outs himself, but it may or may not be someone in the h2g2 photo album that I feature in. smiley - winkeye CONTROVERSY BEGINS!

azahar - trust me, I didn't lose three stone (to be more specific, it's closing in on 50lbs now) by eating donuts. smiley - donut Mostly vegetables and chicken. Ugh. And I still have about 15-20lbs to go until I feel as thin as I want to be. I was 207lbs at the start of the year! (Earlier calculations being grossly incorrect) It's a long way to go. And don't I have the icky stretchmarks to prove it.

SEF - "disastrous" being that I've not worked in 3 years and I'm now on the dole. My white trash heritage is now complete! smiley - wah But it's OK, I'm working on it. Shame I'm now waiting on notification from a surgeon about an operation to remove the gallstones mentioned in the original post.

Bob - STOP TAKING DRUGS AND FIND A PURPOSE IN LIFE. Otherwise you might end up in a bad place. Otherwise, stay safe my hot mixed race friend. Guess where I'm moving too soon...begins with K ends with owle. Yeh. Indeed.

What I have Done this Year

Post 7


"not worked in 3 years"

Hmm... not good. smiley - erm I've not worked for longer than that now but being retired is a get-out clause just as being at school is. smiley - biggrin I never had that sort of gap while I was trying to work but I'd heard that things got worse. Is it that there are genuinely no jobs or are you less capable than I think you are or simply a bit pickier than you can probably afford to be? Do we need another "suggest a job for Saturnine" thread...

I suppose with the superficial nature of current society, your decreased weight might improve your employment prospects.

What I have Done this Year

Post 8


Well, most of this year I've been in Canada, so that's one year out of my life. And the years before that, I was slacking off with no clue as to what I wanted to do. And here I am, but now I have to have a flamin' operation so I have to go on the dole in order to support myself.

I know where I'm going now, and how to get there. It's just not knowing the operation date that is getting in the short-term way. I've got agencies sending me on interviews (well, they are intending to) and the suchlike. It's not like I need great help now (unless someone wants to offer me a job RIGHT NOW smiley - winkeye). It's just getting it all done, and I suppose it will be a matter of time before I get to where I want to be.

So it's not so bad.

What I have Done this Year

Post 9

DA ; Simply Vicky: Don't get pithy with me!

Hi, Saturnine - I think I know who it is, but don't worry, I won't breathe a whisper... If I am wrong, as I am notsaying who it is, nobody will be embarassed...
There are a lot of h2g2 romances. Pretty smiley - cool, huh?

What I have Done this Year

Post 10


It is pretty smiley - cool. Douglas Adams has a lot to answer for really. I don't think there's been a h2g2 baby yet, has there? As in, a baby from two people who met on h2g2.

What I have Done this Year

Post 11


I think there has been - you've got to check Galaxy Babe's thread on h2g2 romances.

Anyhow, g'wan, who is he . . .???


What I have Done this Year

Post 12


*taps nose*

S'not up to me to out him. smiley - tongueout

What I have Done this Year

Post 13


Hmmm, welcome back Sat. smiley - ok

What I have Done this Year

Post 14


Hmmmm, I'm not so sure I'm glad to be back right now. But thanks anyway dear smiley - tongueout...

What I have Done this Year

Post 15


"S'not up to me to out him."

It occurs to me that, although you say you've fallen in love, you omitted to say whether your beloved reciprocated. smiley - weird If not, then you would be asking rather a lot of someone to out themselves - especially if they didn't even know they were the object of your love. smiley - online2longsmiley - biggrin

Somehow I don't think that's the case this time though ... smiley - winkeye

What I have Done this Year

Post 16


"Stop taking drugs and find a purpose in life"

What, just like that? I think you'll find a lot of people spend their whole lives searching for a purpose and never find it. I don't do drugs in the week I just love to party at the weekend.I have nights out you wouldn't believe.

That is my purpose in life, it brings me great joy, and I even actually remember most of last night.

Sex and drugs and rock and roll. Well, apart from the rock and roll bit.

Go watch the film Human Traffic. You might understand then!

What I have Done this Year

Post 17

Ferrettbadger. The Renegade Master

Speaking as someone who did the whole "Human Traffic" thing every weekend for about two years I reckon it really messes you up after a bit on a grand scale.

It makes you totally loose site of real life and proper;y f*cks up your emotional state of well being. Have a look at the people who have been clubbing for years, I got out cause I was worried I might either end up like them or mad....

Still up to you what you do Bob, but sustained use of club drugs f*cked me up for a while and I reccomend against it.

What I have Done this Year

Post 18


Hmmm, believe it or not, I havent done any drugs since new year, well not counting drink and smoke...

I definately agree in not doin pills every week, that really can f*ck up your emotional states.
But I don't.

Don't do coke every week either, and I don't necessary have to do either of them every week. A drink and a smoke an exciting weekend can make.

However, I do love the drugs for when I do do them. And my emotional state at the moment is probably better now than at any time before in my life.

As for getting out before yout turn mad, its a bit late for that, I went in as a nutter, #I aint coming out any other way.

What I have Done this Year

Post 19

Ferrettbadger. The Renegade Master

Fair one buddy I wish you all the best.

Carefull though smiley - winkeye

What I have Done this Year

Post 20


Nah, I did go through a phase where I was on several pills a night, once or twice a week, but I could see it wasnt the way to be going...

Im generally quite controlled right now, however, me and a load of mates are going to a week long drum n bass festival in barcelona in June, Im not sure Im going to come back allive... smiley - winkeye

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