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"The Passion of the Christ" : mini-review by Saturnine.

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smiley - musicalnote Guess whose seen the fiiiiiiiiiilm...smiley - musicalnote

I'm not going to post all of my views onsite - right now I am still collecting my thoughts on it in order to write a comprehensive blog on it. My blog is at

for all those interested.

But to summarise it for those who may have concerns -

* It's not anti-semetic. It's most offensive to Little People.
* I have seen more gore in other films.
* In terms of cinematography and the merits of TPOTC as a film, I would be horrified if it was nominated for an Oscar. It's a pretty average movie in terms of skill, artistic direction, originality and good camera shots.
* Most of the film is based around the scourging of Christ and the Stations of the Cross.
* Mel did a John Milton in his portayal of Satan. He made her ambiguous and open to interpretation. I read it in my own way, and was satisfied.
* There are some shocking scenes involving children being made to look demonic - think on the level of "The Exorcist" - and one scene in particular that made me jump out of my seat. But that was a film technique taken from other, better films than this one.
* It wasn't accurate, not even to the Bible. So be prepared for disappointment on that level.
* I got bored with half an hour to go.


The best parts of the film are excellent. It's not a complete throwaway film. The relationship between Christ and his mother is perhaps the most touching of all character relationships.

In other words - go see it. See it to question yourself, see it to question Christianity and your beliefs in your own god, see it to say that you've seen it. Most of all though, I think it's best to see it so you know your placing in world history. We aren't reminded of our own existance enough - and I'm not saying that the crucifixion of Christ reminded me of my own existance. More the morals of killing a man to save your soul as well as the reliance on this religion through the centuries of Judeo-Christian society reminded me where I am in the universe.

It makes you think, and anything that makes you think is worth a try.


"The Passion of the Christ" : mini-review by Saturnine.

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DA ; Simply Vicky: Don't get pithy with me!

That's a good mini-review, Saturnine, very objective and it's refreshing to see something as reasoned and calm - especially from a self-stated Satanist! smiley - smiley

"The Passion of the Christ" : mini-review by Saturnine.

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Did you pay any attention to the end credits at all, Saturnine? - because there is a debate about them on another site...

"The Passion of the Christ" : mini-review by Saturnine.

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Ferrettbadger. The Renegade Master

Good stuff Sat; I will have to wait a bit to see it though... not out on this side of the pond for a while...

"The Passion of the Christ" : mini-review by Saturnine.

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SEF - isn't that about a certain god being/not being credited? I dunno. My legs were tired after all that sitting around. Left just after they started rolling. smiley - erm

"The Passion of the Christ" : mini-review by Saturnine.

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It allegedly went beyond not crediting a god-being to actually saying the standard: "The characters and events depicted in this photoplay are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental." However, most posters suspect it of being a fit-up frame rather than a real film frame. smiley - biggrin

"The Passion of the Christ" : mini-review by Saturnine.

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clzoomer- a bit woobly

Isn't that the same legal-speak that every film has to have? Because even documentaries have editorial content so the producers have to CYA. It just prevents law suits by those who believe something has been misrepresented. I'm sure there are lots of people out there who feel the story was misrepresented. smiley - laugh

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"The Passion of the Christ" : mini-review by Saturnine.

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